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The Yuletide festival project or Buy Nothing Yuletide is a grass roots initiative taking place in 2007 directed at curbing both counter-cultural apathy and wasteful traditions that accompany the winter holidays. Rather than making a singular gesture against holiday consumerism in the manner of Buy Nothing Day or attempting to secure a religious foundation as in Buy nothing Christmas this festival acts as an experiment to seek out or test the possibility of a sustainable, green, non commercial winter holiday tradition that is cross culturally inclusive.

Yuletide, The Twelve Days of Yule: A non-commercial or "freegan" Winter festival of traditions celebrating old, new, disorder and harmony that acts as a challenge to those who choose to participate. Generally the festival can span between Dec 20th and January 1st, approximately from the longest night to New Year's Day, which is about 12 nights, bridging the solar and Gregorian new year. There is a potential timetable composed of a fusion of historical world traditions, but there are no rules. It is up to each community to decide the best way to celebrate each day.

2007-2008 FestivalEdit

(Dawn to Dusk) (Sunset) (Dusk to Dawn)
Thursday 20th Deck the Halls Eid Feast 1. Yuletide Eve
Friday 21st 1. Dong Zhi Goru Feast 2. Shabe Chele | Yule mass (A lantern Meetup mass)
Saturday 22nd 2. Public City Event Food not Bombs Dinner 3. Community Event
Sunday 23rd 3. Humanlight or Family Event Festivus Dinner 4. Feats of Strength
Monday 24th 4. Lenaia Chrismukkah Eid Feast 5. Weihnachten
Tuesday 25th 5. Christmas Boars Head feast, Kwanzaa begins 6. Caroling
Wednesday26th 6. Wren day Kwanzaa dinner 7. Junkanew
Thursday 27th 7. Clone day Kwanzaa dinner 8. SL4 party
Friday 28th 8. Día de Inocentadas Kwanzaa dinner 9. Mummers mass
Saturday 29th 9. Public City Event FNB, Kwanzaa dinner 10. Community Event
Sunday 30th 10. Freedom day Kwanzaa dinner 11. DADA night
Monday 31th 11. Day of reflection Kwanzaa dinner 12. New Year's Eve (Twelfth Night|First footing)
Tuesday 1st 12. New Years Day Hoppin John Dinner Mothers' Night

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