Wind park in north-eastern Germany (Mecklenburg)
Photo credit Philipp Hertzog

Industry statistics released February 1, 2006, for the EU wind energy market, show that cumulative wind power capacity increased by 18% to 40,504 MW (megawatt) at the end of 2005, up from 34,372 MW at the end of 2004.

The European Commission White Paper, published in 1997, set a target for wind power of 40,000 GW in EU-15 by 2010, which has now (end of 2005) been surpassed.

The top five European wind energy markets in 2005 were

  1. Germany (1,808 MW)
  2. Spain (1,764 MW)
  3. Portugal (500 MW)
  4. Italy (452 MW)
  5. UK (446 MW).

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