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The mission of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is to conserve and enhance the county’s wildlife and its habitats both urban and rural for future generations. We provide resources for local residents and organisations to best understand and enjoy their natural heritage, and to take action to help preserve it.

We are the County’s largest environmental charity, run by local people for the benefit of local wildlife. We now have nearly 9,000 members.We are a member of the Wildlife Trusts partnership including 47 local trusts across the UK. Together we manage more than 2500 nature reserves and involve over 600,000 members.

The Wildlife Trusts is the largest voluntary organisation in the UK dedicated to all aspects of wildlife protection.

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Source: Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

The work of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust includes:

Standing up for Wildlife- influence government policy and decision making regarding species protection and their habitats; secure biodiversity gain through large area schemes and recreation of original habitats; promote sympathetic land restoration and management Managing Land for Wildlife- maximise biodiversity and conservation value of our nature reserves and their accessibility to visitors

Agriculture and Forestry- influence government policy and decision making towards preservation of these important areas including laws requiring and enforcing sympathetic land management; liaise with farmers and landowners to promote and encourage conservation stewardship

Wetlands- influence government policy and decision making regarding rivers and other aquatic habitats; undertake practical projects to conserve wetland habitats; advise land managers and owners to help them safeguard their aquatic amenities most effectively

Species Recording- secure records in-house whilst contributing to Biodiversity Action Plan targets and providing a professional public information service

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