London on Purple K Day?

Problem Edit

Global warming

Humanity's fossil fuel abuse/adiction

Lack of basic connections - e.g. gas and electricity use -> climate change

"Invisibility" of Carbon Dioxide - in every sense

Idea: Wear something PURPLE for Kyoto day - February 16 Edit

The Kyoto Protocol became official on February 16

IMAGINE CO2 WERE PURPLE!! If CO2 were purple we would ALL see it. Imagine a petrol additive that made cars, boiler chimneys, power stations, etc, ALL emit purple ‘Fumes / Haze’ for a day...? How about a National Wear something Purple (to work) Day?

Purple K Day 2005 Edit

There was a widespread fun 'wear PURPLE for Kyoto Day' campaign on Feb 16 - shoestring - but 'viral' networks worked well, some newspapers plugged it, and other networks plugged it.... Google were asked to colour their G’s purple that day and may well do so next year?? Loads of spin-off campaigns are building on the theme.

Infra Red Thermal Image photos of Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace etc etc have purple as the background sky colour! coincidental but real - and may help sub-liminal associations? There are now many people for whom the seed is already planted - that if CO2 were to have a colour, it may as well be purple!! Imagine viewing the Earth changing colour over the years DARKER AND DARKER purple - as CO2 levels rise.

Purple K Day 2006 and beyond Edit

Imagine how much bigger it could be next year, and beyond, if everyone adopts a variation on the theme internationally? One of the originators of the idea, Dave Hampton: "It is time for Britain to lead by example, alone if need be. If we truly believe we can do well by doing good, and that we can prosper by leading the world into the low carbon economy (and we can), then we must (each of us) be the change we wish to see in the world, and live each day as if CO2 is a matter of life and death. It soon enough will be."

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