Thurnham Castle

Ramblers “... welcome the government’s commitment to improving public access to our canals and rivers and the recognition of the benefits access can bring to recreation, health and social wellbeing.” 16 September [1] topic

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River Wandle

Our Rivers campaign reveals 'blacklist', 10 September [2]

Back from the brink – Environment Agency reveals the most improved rivers, 30-Aug [3]

St Mary Redcliffe and Redcliffe Parade from dockside

Government promoting more powers for communities to "choose boats on water alongside bricks and mortar", 27 August [4]


  • British Waterways to explore opportunities for wind turbines and small-scale hydro power schemes at canal and riverside locations across the UK., October 8 [5]


  • £13.2 million to be spent on repairs and improvements to navigational sites and structures along Environment Agency-managed rivers over winter 2007-2008, September 26[6]
  • MPs concerned over differences between the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and British Waterways, July 31 [7]

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