Thurnham Castle

Ramblers “... welcome the government’s commitment to improving public access to our canals and rivers and the recognition of the benefits access can bring to recreation, health and social wellbeing.” 16 September [1] topic


  • Ramblers welcome Government commitment to all-England path, 2nd August [2] “During these times of austerity, it is more important than ever that Government maintains its commitment to funding and creating an all-England coast path which will boost seaside businesses by £128 million per year. Coastal access involves volunteers and the wider community working together to create a grass-roots scheme that, our survey shows, 94% of people want. It should be at the heart of the government’s ‘Big Society’ vision.” Kate Ashbrook, coastal access campaigner and Ramblers Trustee topic

Ramblers disappointed that standard walkers maps have been left out of OS Free map scheme, 1st April [3]


  • Stop the clock changes that mean danger for pedestrians, say Living Streets, October 24 [4]

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Ringstead and White Nothe

Ramblers rejoice as first stretch of coast path becomes a reality, 26 January [5] place


  • Marine and Coastal Access Bill published, December 5 [6] The Bill includes a new network of marine conservation zones and a new right of access for people to walk round the English coast for the first time. topic, topic
  • Walkers celebrate as landmark decision puts Birmingham 'on the map', July 28 [7] place


  • Sustrans' Connect2 wins The People’s £50 Million Lottery contest, December 12 [8] topic
  • Car use, obesity and CO2 - A new IEEP report [9] arugues for renewed efforts to promote walking as transport. This would be vastly cheaper than dealing with the consequences of the obesity epidemic and climate change. 40% of all journeys in the UK are under 2 miles in length – distances easily covered by up to 30 minutes of brisk walking. Nonetheless, 38% of these journeys are currently by car. August 13. topic


  • Positive evaluation of Walking the Way to Health Initiative (WHI), March 7

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