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Nottingham is a medium-sized city in England. This site is about making it the best it can be. That means working towards maximum well-being, both locally and in the wider world. It means happy, healthy people living in harmony with the environment that supports them. It means real long-term solutions. It means drawing out visions and aspirations and taking firm and urgent steps toward achieving them.

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Old Market Square and Council House, Nottingham
This site exists within the Sustainable Community Action wiki, which links people across the UK.

A wiki is a special type of website where any user can create new pages or edit existing ones. It enables people with a common interest to pool their knowledge and experience and helps information to circulate freely.

Please add information about your organisation, upcoming events, projects or anything else you think contributes to the goals of the site.

What's newEdit

  • This site was founded in June 2005 as a contribution to the Celebrate Sustainability! weeks of local events. Hopefully it will help to continue the interest raised.

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