Edited news and comment articles are being replaced on this wiki by articles with rss feeds. So this page or series of articles is no longer being maintained. If you wish to reactivate this page, please remove this notice and leave a note on the Community Portal talk page, thanks.

Wanted pages Edit

suggested format: page title, followed by notes'

  • template news USA for inclusion on local USA news pages

Tasks Edit

relatively simple, easy short, tasks

  • split news by topic on main News page into global and uk sections

Commbox wanted

Bold for headings

Projects Edit

may take more time

  • set up condensed end menu for News UK, current year by month, other years - just link to start year, can then put year categories in different end year templates
  • sort out Category:News eg separate (sub)category for New Start articles
  • sort out categories for UK comment, etc
  • Global news (sub) categories for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
  • redesign Articles with RSS feeds, more like News, separate by place and topic (and use where possible (helpso show why each included)
  • Global News June 2008 and backwards redesign as current. Involves use of Template:GN, and categories for years eg 'Global News|2008' changes to 'Global News 2008|'
  • News UK May 2007 and backwards redesign as current. Overlaps with changing sources into refs
  • sort out end menu's for news, and how handle categories and links to country news
  • Global news category pipework
  • 'tagging' (Need to explain this more - but same sort of thing as done for most of News UK) old global news stories
  • older news articles, changing headline sources into refs
  • topic and place link pipework

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