draft comment in response to "Are we any further forward?" on Our Society

Hi John, "Does any of this make sense?" quite a bit to me. "Do you want to be part of it?" So a sort of yes, but the platform has to be better than what's currently on offer (wordpress and groups - if my answer is yes, your options aren't seriously actionable to me). As you say "Don't wait for permission" have set up "Our sustainable society" on WiserEarth. 4 more reasons 1. If we're serious about this it has to be for the long term. Setting up stuff is pips, sustaining a network with enough momentum is the real challenge. 2. If anyone cared to, we could begin straightaway codesigning stuff to move forward (Eg as Transtion towns did in designing their network, and if its our society its got to be codesigning from the start and throughout). 3 It's free. 4. stuff like climate change matters (even if only to some of us) / "Can anyone resource it?" I like to think most of us have something to offer.

Philralph @sca21 11:24, November 29, 2010 (UTC)

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