Five Years After Banning Outdoor Ads, Brazil's Largest City Is More Vibrant Than Ever [1]


German Autobahn to be Covered with Giant Public Park, November 30 [2] place

Copenhagen July 24, 2008

Copenhagen: The benefits of green city planning go far beyond green jobs and CO2 reductions, 13. oktober [3] Copenhagen’s green city strategy does not only create green jobs and reduce CO2 emissions – it also brings a long line of documented social and economic benefits for the city as a whole, concludes a new study.



Nankai, Tianjin - HDR

Reader Report: Tianjin Eco-city Cleantech Focus, WorldChanging Team, 6 Oct [4]

Emergent Urbanism, or ‘bottom-up planning’, February 14 [5]


  • Developing the Open City, 15 October 2009 [6] topic

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Lonsome palmtree
Beirut Water Taxi Project new idea to help reduce congestion on Beirut's busy roads. 16 May [7] place

Global Greenhouse Gas Standard for cities launched, 23 March [8] The Greenhouse Gas Standard calculates emissions on a per capita basis, allowing cities to compare their performance and analyse the differences. For example, greenhouse gas emissions are 4.20 tonnes of CO2e per capita in Barcelona, Spain, 10.6 in Bangkok, Thailand, and 17.8 in Calgary, Canada. But emissions vary widely among cities depending on their primary energy source, climate, means of transportation and urban form. New York City, a high-density city in the US, produces 10.4 tonnes of CO2e per capita while Denver, another US-city with a much lower density, produces more than double that at 21.3 tonnes. topic


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