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Seven steps from ghost town to host town Monday, Julian Dobson, February 7 [1]


Stannington hdr, sheffield - england

"A rural kind of urbanism", March 22 [2] topic, place


  • Eco-towns must be genuinely sustainable and the standards that are being proposed for them should be part of all urban development, Natural England, July 20 [3] topic


  • New Start editorial January 23 2008 Events have a nasty habit of unravelling the best-laid plans. Anyone who still thinks property development is the yellow brick road to regeneration is probably still looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


  • New Start editorial June 20 2007 Those who remember Michael Heseltine of old won’t be surprised at some of the thinking to emerge from the Tory task group on cities.

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Tyne Bridge - Newcastle1

Newcastle, assessed by Forum for the Future as top amongst Britain’s most sustainable cities for the second year running, and Leicester, in second place, are outpacing rivals Brighton, Bristol and London. "But all five have set themselves ambitious targets and are guided by long-term visions of how to improve life for their citizens by reducing their impact on the environment and seizing new opportunities in the green economy." 18 Oct [4] place



  • Brighton and Hove rated as the most sustainable city in Britain, by Forum for the Future, October 20 [7] The UK’s 20 largest cities were assessed according to three criteria – their ‘environmental impact', ‘quality of life’ and ‘future proofing’. Brighton and Hove as the most sustainable city is followed by Edinburgh in second place and Bristol in third. Liverpool comes bottom of the list, after Hull in 18th place and Birmingham in 19th. Forum for the Future intend to measure these indicators year-on-year.
  • Bristol urban beach set to open on Saturday 21 July. [8]



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