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Manchester -St.Annes square1



Sikhs came out to defend the Muslim community.

Empty spaces and meeting places: dealing with division, Julian Dobson, October 26 [1] place


Haworth Main Street

An easy way to ask hard questions about places, people and resilience, Julian Dobson, November 10 [2]


  • Water butts in every garden by 2010, Environment Minister Phil Woolas, October 31 [3]


  • New Start editorial August 16 2006, Last week I spent an enjoyable hour talking about a shopping centre in Wigan. Seriously.
  • New Start editorial June 14 2006, Teenagers have a way of making advice sound moronic. Tell them to remember to take their lunch, bus fare, sick note or whatever to school and they’ll reply, ‘well, durrr’ in that tone of voice reserved for imbeciles, before exiting the house leaving it behind.
  • New Start editorial February 15 2006 - Buildings, both the elegant and inspiring ones and the ugly ones, impose their presence on a community. Line the Thames with discount warehouse sheds and you’ll facilitate a discount warehouse mentality.

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Aerial view of BedZED
UK first country to confirm legislation to require all new homes to be zero carbon from 2016, with all other buildings to meet the standard from 2019. The amendments to building regulations announced today will come into force in October, giving builders 6 months to prepare. 12 March [4]
Tory plan to "give local people a real say in how to shape their area", February 23 [5] topic



Potential of street markets being overlooked and undervalued, according to new research, September 11


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