"And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time"
T. S. Eliot

Action Ideas Edit

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  • Conservation
  • Footpath conservation
  • Restoration projects
  • Windmill preservation
  • Clean up days
  • Community street audits
  • Village Design statements
  • Parish plans

Why it matters

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Village cinema UK Edit

3Space - Turning Empty Space into an Opportunity01:53

3Space - Turning Empty Space into an Opportunity

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Resources Edit

  • HowToPopUp, "Want to know how to plan and manage a pop up, how to recycle an empty shop, how to reuse an underused space? The Empty Shops Toolkit was originally produced by the Empty Shops Network for Living Places, but the techniques and tips it includes can apply to any temporary projects in any temporary spaces. This (Empty Shops) wiki includes the text from the original toolkit, updated as part of the Pop Up People project which was funded by Arts Council England with crowdfunding from the High Street Hundred."
  • NightVision Report, The Civic Trust, published November 2006. Research into the evening and night time economy, and options for creating a more inclusive evening, which will offer a safe and welcoming place for all.
  • Monitoring housing and neighbourhoods trends 2006, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, September 2006. On housing, the analysis covers availability, affordability, unmet need, security of tenure and environmental impact.
  • Creating and sustaining mixed income communities: A good practice guide, Nick Bailey, Anna Haworth, Tony Manzi, Primali Paranagamage and Marion Roberts, June 2006. Available via Joseph Rowntree Foundation website
  • 'Planning for vital communities' is a publication from the Countryside Agency to help bridge gaps between community-led Parish Plans and Market Town Action Plans and Community Strategies. The publication can be downloaded via the Countryside Agency website

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