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The University of the West of England (abbrev. UWE, often pronounced "you-we") is a university based in the English city of Bristol.

Climate change UK Edit

It is one of six universities to become the first academic institutions to come on board the United Nations Environment Programme's Climate Neutral Network (CN Net)

The University is committed to a range of actions that address climate change through its Sustainability Strategy for 2008 to 2012, including clear reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. The University developed a carbon management plan in partnership with the Carbon Trust that aims to progressively reduce dependency on fossil fuels and contribute to achieving the UK target of an 80% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. From 2006 to 2007, the University reduced its carbon emissions by more than 23%. Some aspects of their strategy involve calculating the University's carbon commitment, reducing energy use in buildings, encouraging public transportation, and implementing an energy awareness campaign. The University is also a founding member of the West of England Carbon Challenge, an innovative project that is challenging all businesses, public and third sector bodies in the Bristol city-region to commit to making an annual cut in emissions for four years to reach a cumulative total of at least 10% by 2012.

Quotes Edit

"The University of the West of England, Bristol is delighted to support the UN's Climate Neutral Network. We look forward to actively participating, learning from the successes of fellow members and sharing the outcomes of the actions that we have taken to reduce our own carbon dependency. Joining this new Network is further evidence of the University's strong commitment to sustainability. The University is already taking vigorous action to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations - we cut gas consumption by 46% between 2006 and 2007 - and we seek to ensure that our students - the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow - are aware of the challenges and opportunities of creating a sustainable and low-carbon future. We also carry out key research into climate change issues through an Institute dedicated to sustainability. In addition we are responding strategically to the challenges of sustainability and climate change via a Sustainability Board, chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor." - Professor James Longhurst, Associate Dean and Professor of Environmental Science, University of the West of England, Bristol [1]

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