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India joins UNEP's Billion Tree Campaign, planting two billion trees since 2007, 25 February [1]


  • United Nations Billion Tree Campaign reaches and overtakes its revised goal to see 7 billion trees planted around the world, one for each person on the planet, during September 2009. Some 7.4 billion trees have now been planted on every continent. Leading planting countries include the People's Republic of China, Ethiopia, Turkey, Mexico, Kenya, Cuba, and Indonesia. December 31 [2]

As of December 31 2008, more than 4,319,593,340 trees have already been pledged and 2,599,045,202 planted. To date, 165 countries have participated, with planting having taken place in 161 countries. [3]

Seven billion trees - to be planted by the end of 2009, is the new target set by the campaign in the lead up to Copenhagen.

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