• Ramblers welcome Government commitment to all-England path, 2nd August [1] “During these times of austerity, it is more important than ever that Government maintains its commitment to funding and creating an all-England coast path which will boost seaside businesses by £128 million per year. Coastal access involves volunteers and the wider community working together to create a grass-roots scheme that, our survey shows, 94% of people want. It should be at the heart of the government’s ‘Big Society’ vision.” Kate Ashbrook, coastal access campaigner and Ramblers Trustee topic


  • Seaside art leaves locals beached, October 7 [2] topic


  • Inclusion of marine and coastal access bill in draft Legislative Programme brings hope of healthy seas, The Wildlife Trusts, May 14 [3]
  • Broads Forum welcomes commitment to protect the coast, April 15 [4]
  • Broads Society concerned by four options for dealing with coastal erosion being considered by Natural England, including 16,000 acres of land around the River Thurne becoming an embayment of the North Sea. Instead, the Society outlines a fifth option. April 14 [5]
  • Ramblers' Association welcomes draft Marine Bill. April 3 [6]
  • Draft Marine Bill brings hope of healthy seas, but effective Marine Act must appear on the statute book by 2009, The Wildlife Trusts, April 3, 2008 [7]

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Record number of beaches and inland bathing waters in England and Wales reached the highest EC standards in bathing water quality this year: 86.2% compared to only 32% in 1990, 15 November 2010[8]

The Scallop, Aldeburgh1

98.6 per cent of bathing waters in England and Wales met European water quality standards last year, exceeding that of countries including France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands. A European Environment Agency report ranks bathing water quality around the coast of England and Wales 12th out of 22 EU member states – up from 15th place in 2008. 10-Jun [9]

  • Lundy Island becomes England’s first Marine Conservation Zone, 12 January [10] place


  • Three quarters of the public would pay more for fish caught without damaging the environment, September 10 [11] topic
  • The public do not have full access to over a third of England’s coastline, July 31 [12] Almost 1000 miles of England’s coastline is either inaccessible or lacks secure access.
  • Litter on our beaches has increased by 110% since 1994, according to the Marine Conservation Society, April 8 [14]


  • Marine and Coastal Access Bill published, December 5 [15] The Bill includes a new network of marine conservation zones and a new right of access for people to walk round the English coast for the first time. topic, topic
  • 60sq mile exclusion zone in Lyme Bay - the first of its kind on this scale in the UK – announced today by Defra, June 19 [17] Lyme Bay is home to around 300 recorded species of plants and animals, including dense populations of the nationally protected pink seafan and the extremely rare sunset coral. As well as a haven for sponges, starfish and coral, the reefs also support a range of seafood animals, including crab, lobster and scallops. [18] place

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