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Tree planting

The Big Tree Plant, a new partnership to plant one million trees launched by government, 2 December [1]


Rate of woodland creation in the UK continues to fall despite recent calls for increasing woodland cover from within and outside government. From more than 12,000 ha of new planting in 2004, levels had halved to less than 6,000 ha last year and have fallen further to 5,000 ha in the last planting season. [2] Forestry Commission research has shown that between 1980 and 1997 England suffered a 64% decline in individual trees.

Tidal Basin Visit Spring 2010

Largest cherry tree in the country found in Cumbria, 11/05 [3] place

1. English Oak (Quercus robur)

Acute Oak Decline, a new disease affecting native oaks in Britain, concerning tree and forestry organisations, 28 April [4]

Tree planting

Over 300 locals turn up and plant over 7,000 trees between them at a community planting day on Saturday January 30th. The Heartwood Forest site has now been filled with around 40,000 trees in just two months, all planted by willing volunteers, with a further 600,000 to go in the ground in the next ten years. [5] place

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