Worksheet T1 Travel to and from the local area, Part 2 travel by public transport

Q 4 Public transport

a.Which of these are in the town centre?

  • The main bus station
  • The main concentration of bus termini
  • The railway station

b.If not in the centre of town, how long does it take to get to the town centre from these places?
c.How far apart are the train station and the bus termini?
d.With which train services do the buses connect, and what are the waiting times?

Find out if there are any planned improvements which would help this interchange.

(Worksheets EN1 Q9; EC7 Q7,15; S3 Q1,4 also refer to public transport)

Starting points for information: Local Transport Plan, Undertaking a Survey, Local maps, Coach and train timetables

West Malling

a)The main bus termini are all in the town’s High Street

b)The railway Station is approximately 8-10 minutes walk from High Street but the station is also served by several direct Bus Services.

c)Train station is about ½ Mile from High Street

There is a regular Bus Service the 123 from Kings Hill to West Malling Station. Service starts at 06:13 and finishes 20:42. It connects with most trains in this period E.G. every half hour in day and up to 4 times hourly in rush hour.

There are 4 services an hour from the station into the High Street. One problem with bus services through the town are that Bus Stops are usually blocked by cars after 4.00 pm each day. The streets of West Malling are narrow so delivery lorries/refuse lorries block the road and make the buses late. These factors make the bus service less reliable and therefore less attractive.


Mereworth - Very few connections from bus to train services. Only bus to West Malling less than hourly on average. Regular buses (service 123 from Kings Hill and Airfield Estate).

Q 5 Getting from the train station to the town centre

a.How far is it and how long does it take to get from the train station to the town centre by:

  • foot
  • bicycle
  • taxi
  • bus

b.Is the walking/cycling route attractive and safe?

(Worksheets EN1 Q10; EN3 Q7; EC7 Q13,14 also refer to pedestrian access. Worksheets EN1 Q9; EC7 Q7,16; S7 Q2 refer to transport access)

Starting points for information: Local maps, Local knowledge, Local survey

West Malling

a)Times to station - how far is it and how long does it take to

On foot: 5 - 7 Minutes for more mobile

By Bicycle: 2-3 Minutes

By Taxi: 2 Minutes

By Bus: 2 Minutes

b)Walking & Cycling – Walking route has relatively safe footpaths (however pavements are narrow and not always in good condition and lighting could be improved to provide safer passage) – there is no dedicated cycle route to the station from Town Centre


a)To/From Kings Hill

Foot: 15 – 20 Minutes

Bicycle: 5-10 minutes

Taxi: 5 minutes

Bus 5 – 12 minutes depending on Kings Hill Location

b)The Walking/cycling route parallels the new A228 Dual Carriageway, hence safe but not overly pleasant.

a)To/From Mereworth

Foot: 1 hour;

Bicycle: 20 minutes

Taxi: 10 minutes;

Infrequent Buses (1 or 2 changes) up to 45 minutes.

b)Walking/cycling route: There is none to the North of Mereworth, only limited footpaths to the South. It is not safe where there is no pavement, especially during rush hour (7:30am to 9:30am and 3:00pm to 6:00pm approximately) so can be dangerous

Q 6 Rail services

a.What is the frequency of rail services?
b.Are times convenient for people using the trains to get to work?
c.Are there closed railway lines?
d.Are there plans to re-open any closed railway lines?

Look at the frequency of services to neighbouring market towns with a rail station and to the closest large town or city. Are there neighbouring towns or cities without a rail connection?

(Worksheets EC1 Q2; EC4 Q14,17; EC7 Q7 also refer to travel)

Starting points for information: Rail operators (National Rail has a website)

West Malling Railway Services

a) From West Malling: 2 to 4 times an hour each way to London or and Maidstone dependant on time of day. The only other station in Hinterland is at East Malling. Other alternative stations are Borough Green; Paddock Wood or Tonbridge.

b) Times are convenient for most commuters at the above stations

c) No closed lines

d) No known plans to re-open any – but increased services being considered at West Malling

NOTE but not easy to get to Chatham & Medway towns by train

Q 7 Coach and bus services

Coach services:
a.What is the number of national coach services per day?
b.What are their destinations and departure points?

Starting points for information: National coach operators

West Malling Coach Services

There are no National Coach services operating from West Malling or neighbouring parishes - Maidstone would be nearest coach service town.

Q 8 Travel to other local towns/villages; bus links

What is the frequency of service and travel time from the town and from villages in the surrounding countryside to the nearest large town or city by:

  • bus
  • coach
  • train

Look at whether there are connecting local bus services from the villages. If there are waiting times between changing services include these within the overall journey times

Note where it is not possible to make this journey by public transport at all.

West Malling Frequency of Transport Services & Travel Time

To Maidstone : Train: 10 Minutes; at least 2 trains per hour; Bus: 35-40 Minutes; 1-2 per hour

Tonbridge: Train: 60 Minutes 1-2 per hour; Bus: 40 minutes; 1-2 per hour

NOTE experience suggests these times can be longer in practice

Hinterland: No Coach Service or Train Stations


Tonbridge: Bus: 30 Minutes, Hourly service

West Malling: Bus: 15 minutes, Hourly

Maidstone: Bus: 30-40 minutes; Hourly

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