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Somerset Transition reversal raises questions over localism agenda, 11 Mar [1] topic, place


  • Infrastructure and supply chains under threat as never before, say nef, November 26 [2] nef (the new economics foundation) publish 'Nine Meals from Anarchy'

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2008 Edit

  • Leicestershire County Council declares support for Transition! December 3 [3]
  • Somerset County Council vote to endorse a motion that they become the UK’s first ‘Transition Local Authority’, July 28 [4] Last week, Somerset County Council voted unanimously to endorse a motion that they become the UK’s first ‘Transition Local Authority’. What it means is that SCC could start taking an integrated approach to its planning processes, putting peak oil and climate change at the heart of its forward planning. It may well also unlock funds for the many Transition initiatives emerging across Somerset. place

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