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  • Friends of the Earth welcomes Chancellor 's pledge that "... sustainability that will be at the heart of the next budget", but wants actions not words. December 12 [1]
  • Government still failing on green taxes, new figures reveal, FoE, December 3 [2]


  • New Start editorial November 1 2006, The legacy of mining has frequently been benefit dependency, heroin addiction, and negative equity. It has taken concerted efforts by regeneration agencies to begin to restore hope.
  • New Start editorial October 25 2006, Three years ago a friend of mine moved from Swansea to Sheffield to work for the Finnish steel company, Outokumpu. Within a few months his main responsibility was to make people redundant.
  • New Start editorial April 19 2006, A colleague of mine has taken to describing lavish helpings of chocolate cake as ‘an apple’. Suddenly you can tick all the healthy eating boxes and indulge yourself shamelessly at the same time.
  • New Start editorial April 5 2006, If you’re reading this in London or Edinburgh, congratulations. You are an official member of an ideopolis. If you’re in Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle or Glasgow, don’t despair: you’re well on your way.

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2006 Edit

  • Major UK Supermarkets Sign Up to Take Action on Palm Oil. FoE, August 2
  • "Birmingham and Manchester need mayors with tax and spend powers", says thinktank, ippr, February 22

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  2. Friends of the Earth, December 3
  3. Green Fiscal Commission, November 14

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