Funding dries up for community renewables. Dozens of projects will no longer go ahead because of cuts to subsidies for large-scale solar power installations, 9 June [1]

Meadowhall Rally 2008

Sheffield Renewables celebrates gaining planning permission for Jordan Dam hydro power scheme near Meadowhall. May 24 [3] place

Checking my map

Isle of Wight aiming to become energy self sufficient by 2020. 15 April [4] place

Cormorants off Ramsey Island

Project to generate tidal energy in Ramsey Sound off Pembrokeshire given the go ahead. Tidal Energy Limited’s 1.2MW ‘Deltastream’ device will provide green electricity to the local distribution network during its 12 month test period, with the potential to power up to 1,000 homes. 31 March [5] place

Smart Meter

Government expects mass rollout of smart meters to start in early 2014 and to be completed in 2019. 30 March [6]


Transition Town Lewes's energy company, Ovesco, planning to build Britain's first community-owned solar power station this summer, April 1 [7] place


World's first Renewable Heat Incentive launched to reduce emissions, 10 March 2011 [8]

Thanet wind farm1

UK working with nine other European countries as part of the North Seas Offshore Grid Initiative, following an agreement signed in December 2010. These countries include the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Norway and Belgium. 20 January [9]


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