UK making "unacceptably slow" progress towards its renewable energy targets, Committee of Public Accounts, 30 November [1]

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Vertical axis wind turbine

Government launches community energy website, intended as a "a one stop shop for communities interested in generating energy on a community scale." “Community energy is a perfect expression of the transformative power of the Big Society." Climate Change Minister Greg Barker, 25 November [2] In a speech to the Combined Heat and Power Association, Greg Barker described communities installing their own low carbon energy, like combined heat and power plants, wind and water turbines or district heating networks, as epitomising the vision of the Big Society.

Window trims

Government announces 'The Green Deal', a "green homes revolution" making energy efficiency available to all. "The work to upgrade the property will be paid back from the saving on energy bills." The Green Deal is expected to be available from Autumn 2012. 2 November [3] It is estimated that there are 14 million insulation measures like loft, cavity and solid wall to be carried out in Britain’s homes. Were all 26 million households to take up the Green Deal over the next 20 years, employment in the sector would rise from its current level of 27,000 to something approaching 250,000.

Thanet wind farm1
World's largest offshore wind farm opens off Kent, 23 September 2010 [4] place

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction Councils across Britain will from next week be allowed to sell renewable electricity to the grid and should assume their rightful place leading a local power revolution, Chris Huhne says in a letter to all local authorities, 9 August [5]

  • Government launches consultation on Microgeneration Strategy, 12 July [6] The consultation will look at four key areas for development, including advice: provide more accessible advice and information about microgeneration to homeowners, communities and small businesses. The focus of the Microgeneration Strategy will be electricity generation technologies less than 50 kW in size, and heat generating technologies less than 300 kW in size. This includes:
  • Air, ground and water source heat pumps
  • solar photovoltaics (PV)
  • solar thermal water heating
  • biomass boilers
  • micro Combined heat and power (micro CHP)
  • micro wind turbines
  • fuel cells
  • micro hydro schemes
  • passive flue gas recovery devices.
  • Anaerobic digestion – Realising the potential. Government invites discussion on the future of energy from waste, 6 July [7] Anaerobic digestion is a process for turning food, farm and other organic waste into energy and fuel. The UK produces about 100 million tonnes of this waste each year which could instead generate up to 7% of the renewable energy required in the UK by 2020.


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