• UK could face power shortages in the years ahead, according to the energy regulator, Ofgem. 2010/02/03 [1] Ofgem's Project Discovery conclusions confirm the need to act to deliver both security of supply and environmental objectives at affordable prices beyond the middle of this decade, 03/02/2010 [2]
  • Green electricity cash boost for homes and businesses - but overall ambition disappointing, FoE, 1 February [3] "The introduction of cash incentives to boost small scale green electricity generation is welcome - however, Ministers have been far too timid with a policy that could make a significant contribution to cutting emissions and boosting energy security. Installing renewable technologies will now be a good investment for many homes - but farmers, businesses, communities and others will get little or no extra incentive to invest in clean electricity. There is huge public support for small-scale green energy schemes. The Government must do much more to tap into this enthusiasm and ensure that everyone plays their part in developing a safer, cleaner future," Friends of the Earth's energy and climate campaigner Dave Timms. Last week a YouGov survey for Friends of the Earth, the Renewable Energy Association and the Co-operative Group revealed that two thirds of the population think that Government feed in tariff plans are not ambitious enough, and 71 per cent of homeowners said they would consider installing green energy systems if they were paid enough cash. Households and communities who install generating technologies such as small wind turbines and solar panels will from April be entitled to claim payments for the low carbon electricity they produce. Over 160 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion calling the proposed scheme "wholly inadequate" and calling for a higher level of ambition. Signatories include over 80 Labour MPs and the chairs of three relevant select committees.

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Looking south east
Government to legislate to allow ‘pay as you save’ green loans to be tied to the property and so avoid the up-front cost of eco upgrades. 2 March 2010 [4]

  • Consultation on proposed renewable heat incentive financial support scheme opens, 1 February 2010, will run for 12 weeks [5]
  • Public back calls for more ambitious green electricity scheme for homes, businesses and communities, 27 January [6]
  • Residents give thumbs-up to wind turbine on Hackney Marshes, Huge majority in favour of giant fan, according to Council consultation, 25 January [7] place
  • Legal warning to Government over energy policy statements, 22 January [8]


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