• Time to dethrone old King Coal: CPRE says new coal will accelerate climate change and destroy communities and landscapes, September 9 [1] Since 1999, the Government has approved 120 new opencast coal mines, often overruling local councils. And since 2003, it has spent 20 times more on extending coal mining than on marine renewables, spending just 5% of its marine renewables budget. If the UK is to move away from unsustainable energy sources like coal that damage our countryside and the planet, the Government must spend the money it has budgeted for clean energy sources.
  • Fatal flaw at the heart of Nuclear non-proliferation announcement, "You simply can't spread nuclear power without spreading nuclear weapons technology." Greenpeace, July 16 [2] "Gordon Brown's nuclear obsession will damage not only the UK's renewable energy policy but international security. Safe, clean renewable technology exists today and could be rolled out globally to help power a more peaceful world."

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  • All homes will have smart meters from their supplier by end of 2020, 02 December [3]
  • Government announces consultation "Removing red tape in move towards a low-carbon future", 17 November [4]
  • Top govt advisor attacks Big Power, 30 Oct [5]
  • E.ON reveals Kingsnorth kicked into long grass, October 8 [6] place
  • Go-ahead for new coal mine in Shropshire countryside denounced by CPRE, October 7 [7] topic
  • Government claim energy efficiency scheme expected to have delivered emissions savings of at least 4.4 Mt CO2 per year by 2020, October 7, 2009 [8] Large energy users in business and the public sector will be required to take part in the scheme from 1st April 2010.
  • World’s biggest wind turbine blades to be made in Britain, September 16 [9]
  • Government commissioned energy security analysis published, August 5 [10] The Government plans to publish a formal response in due course.
  • Vestas occupation continues; left-wing political parties voice support, July 23 [11]
  • Performance of domestic wind small scale turbines highly dependent upon location say Energy Saving Trust [12] topic


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