• Government go-ahead on offshore wind - now we need a super grid, FoE, June 24 [1]
  • World's biggest offshore wind farm to be built off Kent coast , May 12 [2] "Fantastic news", says FoE
  • Major investment in National Grid urgently needed to fight climate change, FoE, March 4 [3]
  • Government's plans for green homes can't wait four years, FoE, February 12 [5]
  • UK Government ignores best option for Severn tidal power, say FoE, January 26 [6]
  • Vision and aspiration of Conservatives' low-carbon plan impresses FoE, "... many of their policies are spot on. But there are concerns about some of their plans, while others don't go far enough." January 16 [7] Friends of the Earth especially liked plans for a smart grid with ‘dynamic demand' innovations,and welcome proposals to allow high levels of renewable generation to be connected to it. But, say FoE, the Conservatives must immediately ditch their plan to clear the way for further expansion of the nuclear power industry

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  • Europe's largest operating onshore wind farm at Whitelees in East Renfrewshire officially 'switched on, May 20 [8]
  • Government ambition for all homes in Britain to have smart meters installed by 2020, May 11 [9]
  • British Waterways announces an agreement with The Small Hydro Company Ltd to generate 210,000 mega watt hours of renewable energy per annum using the public corporation’s 2,200 mile waterway network, March 11 [10]
  • Half Britain’s homes could be heated by renewable gas, says National Grid, February 2 [11]
  • Environmental study recommends there's scope for between 5,000 and 7,000 more offshore wind turbines, enough to power the equivalent of almost all the homes in the UK and make a massive contribution to renewable energy targets, January 26 [12]
  • One of the world's largest wave stations is to be constructed off the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles, January 22 [13] place


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