• Committee on Climate Change advice would kill coal plans, say Greenpeace, December 1 [1]
  • Government amendments to the Energy Bill deeply disappointing, FoE, October 30 [2]
  • "It's great news that the UK is now leading the world in off-shore wind power - but we're still near the bottom of the European league table for harnessing renewable energy," FoE, October 21 [3] "The UK has one of the biggest renewable energy potentials in Europe - this must be harnessed to make this country a world leader in tackling climate change. This will help cut emissions, create hundreds of thousands of jobs and secure a clean, safe energy supply - leading Britain to a cleaner and more prosperous future."
  • Fuel poverty plan lacks funding and ambition - Friends of the Earth and Help the Aged taking the Government to court over failing strategy, September 11 [4]
  • Blow to government coal policy as climate campaigners are acquitted, Greenpeace, September 10 [5]
  • New Start editorial September 10 2008 The political conference season, with its cod-revolutionary policy launches and poorly scripted fightbacks, brings to mind John Cleese’s famous line in the film Clockwise: ‘It’s not the despair… I can take the despair. It’s the hope.’
  • Nuclear takeover rejection "hammer blow for Brown's deluded nuclear ambitions", Greenpeace, August 1 [6] "Now is the time for Brown to show some courage. This is his chance to make the decision to finally ditch the government's failing nuclear policy."
  • Government publication of 10 renewable energy options for the Severn Estuary welcome, FoE, July 24 [7]

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2008 Edit

  • World's second largest offshore wind farm given green light to be built off the coast of North Wales, December 3 [8] place
  • Energy Bill now includes legislation to introduce a feed-in tariff (FIT) for renewable electricity and renewable heat incentives, November 18 [9] Friends of the Earth welcomed the Government's commitment to introduce a feed-in tariff by April 2010 and urged Ministers to ensure that payments are high enough to encourage investment in all renewable technologies. But campaigners warned that the legislation contains little detail of how the scheme will work in practice. Secondary legislation - to be decided over the next sixteen months - will determine whether it is a success or failure.
  • UK is world leader in offshore wind. The UK has overtaken Denmark to become the world's number one for wind farms built offshore, with 597MW fully constructed, October 21 [11]
  • "Official ruling - Brown's pollsters fixed second public consultation on nuclear power", Greenpeace, Ocotber 17 [12] topic
  • Government increases climate emissions target to 80 per cent - as Miliband backs financial incentives for small-scale renewable energy, October 16 [13] topic
  • Isla and the Pentland Firth identified as the first sites for commercial tidal farms, September 29 [14]
  • Government announces new investment to make homes more energy efficient., September 11 [15]
  • Coalition launches fuel poverty charter, September 8 [16] topic


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