• FoE welcomes Humber Gateway offshore wind farm plan, April 7 [2] place
  • Government's Low Carbon Buildings Programme has been "an unmitigated disaster", FoE, March 31 [3] topic
  • Combat climate change and fight fuel poverty by insulating every home - LGA, March 7 [4]

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  • Committee of MPs warns the Government is on course to miss both the UK's renewable electricity targets and its proposed European targets on renewable energy, June 19 [6]
  • Round 3 of offshore windfarm development expected to accelerate delivery of projects, June 4 [7]
  • Wind farm at Barvas Moor in Lewis refused consent on the grounds of incompatibility with European law, April 21 [9] place
  • Government "doubles previous obligations on energy companies to help people make their homes more energy efficient and reduce household emissions", April 2 [10]
  • 'Community energy: urban planning for a low carbon future’, guide published by Town and Country Planning Association, March 31 [11] topic
  • Latest projections confirm that the Government’s 2010 carbon emissions and renewables goals will be missed by a large margin and that the statutory targets for emissions in 2020 are in doubt, March 14 [12]
  • Industry insiders attack government's second nuclear consultation, January 4 [13]


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