• Government nuclear waste consultation 'farcical', Greenpeace, November 2 [1]
  • Jury’s still out on the Severn barrage, say Greenpeace, October 1 [3]
  • Severn Barrage must pass tough sustainability tests, SDC, October 1 [4]
  • Natural England responds to SDC report on tidal power [5] / place, place
  • New Start editorial August 15 2007 Like Gordon Brown, I’ve taken my summer break in the UK. Why put up with the hassle of airport queues and the guilt of that ever-growing carbon footprint when you can don your hat, scarf and woolly jumper and enjoy the vast swathes of deserted beaches in Northumberland?
  • 'Nuclear energy consultation a sham', say countryside campaigners, CPRE
  • Energy White Paper reaction, Friends of the Earth
  • Greenpeace welcomes SNP-Green alliance as an end to Blair’s nuclear plan for Scotland, Greenpeace, May 11

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  • Government announces massive boost for offshore wind, December 10 [7] [8]
  • Government issued with clear legal threat over nuclear power, December 10 [9]
  • Government plans one stop shop for greener homes, November 18 [10] The Green Homes Service is intended to provide a single point people can contact for a home energy audit plus advice on how they can save water, reduce waste, green their travel, and connect to grants and offers from energy companies. The Energy Saving Trust is to get more than £100 million in government funding to build the existing energy advice service to become a proactive Green Homes Service rolled out nationwide by 2011, based on a regional network of one stop shops.
  • Greenpeace lawyers examining the possibility of going back to court to challenge the government's second consultation on nuclear power, November 6 [11]
  • Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, WWF-UK, CND and the Green Alliance pull out of nuclear consultation, September 7 [12]
  • Green Party calls for an end to the Renewables Obligation - the Government's main policy measure to encourage the development of electricity generation using renewable energy sources in the UK, calling instead for renewable energy feed-in tariffs. September 6 [13]
  • From May 2008, the Government will require that all new electricity meters to come with a Real-Time display. The Government will also require energy suppliers to give consumers a Real-Time Display free of charge on request from as soon as possible in 2008 to March 2010. A display is not about telling people how much electricity they use it's about telling them how much they waste. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, June 6
  • SNP and Greens publish Co-operation Agreement. The agreement includes a commitment to tackling climate change and opposing the building of new nuclear power stations, Scottish Green Party, May 11 / Scotland
  • Misjudged push for `green' fuels could damage the climate and trash rainforests say UK environment groups, Friends of the Earth, April 10
  • Greenpeace research shows that: "Decentralised energy can meet Scotland's future electricity demand at lower cost and offers a cheaper, more effective way to reduce CO2 emissions, gas consumption and dependency on imported gas than traditional centralised generation such as nuclear power." March 26
  • "Discrepancy between the rhetoric and actual decisions on carbon free energy projects is growing ever larger", British Wind Energy Association. BWEA, March 2


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