Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction

Friends of the Earth to take legal action over Government solar cuts, 11 November [1]

Government cuts solar energy support, 31 October [2]


Renewable energy hits record high in UK, Second quarter of 2011 saw green generation contribute 9.6% per cent of the UK's electricity supply, a 50% rise on 2010, 29 September [5]

2010 wind generation in Scotland was nearly one third more than in England, and almost five times greater than in Wales. [6] place

Japan Apocalypse IMG 7345

Greenpeace takes government to court over nuclear power expansion, 26 August. [7] Greenpeace UK has today served legal papers on the government for unlawfully failing to take into account the implications of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in their future planning for the building of new nuclear power stations at sites in Britain.

Corn Field in Minnesota

Go-ahead given for two new biomass stations in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, which combined will produce enough electricity to meet the needs of over a million homes. 10 August [8] place

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction

Communities working together are more likely to encourage reduced domestic energy use and increase the popularity of renewable energy technologies than individual green pioneers or even government campaigns, 5 July [9]


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