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Apps4s2 Apps for sustainability Edit

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  • YouGen, social enterprise aiming to make it easy for people to get the information they need to invest in renewable energy (or decide it is not right for their home).
  • Less En identify carbon emissions from buildings as you walk along a street. [1]

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Village cinema UK Edit

My Revolution Powering our village02:39

My Revolution Powering our village.

Savings, profits and reinvestments04:47

Savings, profits and reinvestments

Greensmiley2 Tip: click the four arrow symbol, bottom right of each embedded video (where available) to view video full screen. climbing wind turbines, about 5 mins., added March 27, 2007
Newconsumer05:01 climbing wind turbines

More video

Random facts Edit

  • In Germany, the renewable energy sector generates more electricity annually than all of the UK's nuclear power stations combined.
  • In France, energy efficiency and renewable energy companies already employ more people than car manufacturers.
  • Globally, according to the UN, the renewable energy industry already employs more people than the fossil fuel sector.

Source: Greenpeace, November 24 2008

  • Around 10 million homes still lack basic insulation. 9 million homes have unfilled cavity walls and 12 million homes have under-insulated lofts. Source: Local Government Association, March 7 2008
  • In 2008, the average household faces a £1,000 bill for gas and electricity. In 2003 it was £572. Source: Local Government Association, March 7 2008

External links

  • The Rough Guide to Community Energy, downloadable or request a free printed copy
  • Community Energy Online, DECC site launched November 2010, intended as a "a one stop shop for communities interested in generating energy on a community scale."
  • Community Energy - planning, development and delivery, a Combined Heat & Power Association (CHPA), LDA Design and Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA) guide, outlines a straightforward step-by-step approach to the challenge of creating a successful and efficient community energy scheme. [2]
  • Hydropower, information from the Environment Agency, including Hydropower: A guide for your community (PDF, 1.83MB)
  • Micro-hydro, information from The Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • Ground source heating and cooling pumps: state of play and future trends, Environment Agency, December 2009

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