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  • South Derbyshire District Council - South Derbyshire produced a thermal map of its district, which helps people and businesses work out where measures such as insulation can help reduce energy consumption. Residents can log on to the council web site, key in their postcode and find out if they are losing heat through their home. [1]

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  • Torrs Hydro, New Mills, Derbyshire, community owned hydro electric scheme. Torrs Hydro is a community share scheme supported by local action group, H2OPE and the Co-op Community Fund. The community group of 230 members invested over £125,000 and then raised the remainder of the scheme’s full cost (£330,000) from community bank loans and grants. The scheme earns an income from the energy exported to the local Co-op supermarket. According to DECC "This is a clear example of the power of local action and the sound investment from hydro projects that can be rolled out across the UK."[2]

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