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Tucson General information on our city.

Fossil Fuel Dependence

Please use this page for initial listing of thoughts to be developed.

MISSION STATEMENT: • Introductory statement: (include how it IS working – something optimistic • Who are we? • What are we doing? • Why do we need to do this? Background of Peak Oil Perfect storm of events coming together: Peak oil; Global warming, Depletion of natural resources: topsoil, drinkable water, fish, extinctions, trees, Globalization, wars over remaining resources, OVERpopulation; globalization of killer viruses & diseases Explanation of non- ecological behavior or humans (Paul Hawkens: “The Ecology of Commerce”, inventive, explanatory novels of novels Daniel Quinn: “Ishmael”, “Story of B” and others Old Civilization vs. Young Civilization: Thom Hartmann – history of the destruction of past civilizations

DEFINING TERMS: What is……?/ how does it work?/ how can I learn more (links)?/where is it being done? Who is doing it in Tucson (map)? • Some terms: sustainability (linking back to pages that describe it in more length); cisterns, water harvesting, perma culture, Xeroscape; recycling, green energy, biomass, ……much more

SPECIFIC AREAS OF WHERE WE NEED CHANGES TO BECOME SUSTAINABLE: (each of these areas below should have TONS of pages of information) • Energy: Fossil fuels vs. Green Energy (types of various – positives & negatives) • Transportation • Manufacturing – development and disposal of goods –(Paul Hawkens, et al.Green tax) • Housing • Food – farming practices, growing our own, (problems created by pesticides, genetic modification) • Human Resources – the way we treat each other

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN TUCSON: (map) • By geographical area • By practices • Community groups – Eco communities, co-housing • Businesses (we can ask them to contribute to cost of website) • Green building practices (Straw Bale, Rammed earth, and others) • Non-profits Bartering, Freecycle, etc. • Farmer’s markets • Political • continuing events (also separate section for Calendar)


WHAT’S HAPPENING IN OTHER CITIES, COUNTRIES • LINKS to practices all over the world

WHAT’S NEW? • In the news (links to articles in newpapers, magazines, etc.) new books can be new practices, inventions, etc..

CALENDAR OF LOCAL EVENTS • needs to be updated monthly (we’ll need someway that people can submit their own items to be approved) • Book/movies club – “Meet Kindred Spirits” Discussion Group -

GET INFORMED: BIBLIOGRAPHY • Books, magazines • internet resources • Movies

TEACHING OUR COMMUNITY • Classes • Speaker’s Bureau • For children • special needs groups

TEACHING OR POLITICIANS AND NEWS MEDIA: • The things that we need to change in Tucson that are being ignored, or pushed aside. • Researching Laws that make it difficult to have the best practices in Tucson. • Establishing a political action group to lobby for Sustainable Practices

GETTING ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS- • A way people could submit questions, and get referrals or easy answers for their issues, problems. • A place that people can share the way that THEY have done something that has worked successfully.

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