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Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx) is a non-profit environmental justice solutions organization in New York City's South Bronx neighborhood.[1]

The organization spearheaded the creation Script error of Hunt's Point Riverside Park, the first piece of the projected South Bronx Greenway.Script error This organization also pioneered a "green roof" project in the South Bronx with its own for-profit installation company SmartRoofs, LLC, and started a "green-collar" job training program called Bronx Environmental Stewardship Program (B.E.S.T.) which prepares urban residents in areas such as ecological restorationScript error, hazardous waste cleanupScript error, green roof installation and maintenance, urban forestry, and landscaping; the program has a 90% placement rate after four years of operationScript error. They are also proposing a Bronx Eco-Industrial Complex as an alternative use for a piece of land where the city government currently is planning to construct a prison, and are engaged in developing "a collection of businesses in which the waste and byproducts of one business are the raw materials for another one."[1]

SSBx runs the Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training (BEST) program, which takes qualifying students through 12 weeks of intensive training covering topics like tree pruning to OSHA brownfield remediation to estuary maintenance to job–life skills. This program aims to give local residents a personal and financial stake in the management of their local environment. In December 2006, Mitsubishi International Corp contributed $150,000.Script error

In 2005, SSBx built the "Cool and Greenroof Demonstration Project" above their offices in the historic American Banknote Building — the first such roof in the City of New YorkScript error. Greenroofs mitigate Urban Heat Island Effect, clean the airScript error, sequester carbonScript error, retain storm water runoff from overwhelmingScript error the city sewage system and dumping into the riversScript error, and provide local jobs for installation and maintenance. In 2007, SSBx launched the for-profit SmartRoofs, LLC green roof installation business.

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