"Civic networks should be respected and promoted as sources of empowered citizenship." Professor Stephen Coleman, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

As with all networks, sustainability networks can help build and share inspiration, enthusiasm, information, knowledge and resources. Networks can also lead to greater influence for people and groups than they could expect if working alone or in isolation.

Action Ideas Edit

Img13714 Articles

Img13713 Wanted pages

Img13715 other ideas
  • Green Guides
  • Appreciative enquiry
  • Sustainability Trails
  • local sustainability libraries or resource centres, including making use of online networks to share books and other resources
  • Places, projects and networks pages in this wiki
  • Local sustainability picture libraries (online); share your pictures in this wiki (you need to be logged in to upload files - see Community Portal)

Resources Edit

  • Green Up, Community Development Foundation 2009, advice for community groups on how to work productively with local councils
  • Concise plain English guide, but far too grounded in the idea of community groups helping councils with councils' / bureaucrats' agenda rather than a vision of government as a platform, enabling the transparent participation and empowerment of local communties.

Consultations Edit

Related topics

Sustainability networks Img13714 Portal / UK - news / USA


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  2. Communities and Local Government, October 19

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