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Avoid duplication Edit

Some information about sustainability topics is already available in Wikipedia. The aim here is not to duplicate, but rather build on whatever may be already available to produce content more geared toward sustainability and in particular sustainable community action.

Aim for helpful integration Edit

This is a page to help organise any suitable integration of information here, in SCA wiki, with other similar information in Wikipedia. See also Comparison with Wikipedia. Links to relevant Wikipedia articles are already included on many SCA pages and as Wikipedia content grows, more and more are likely to be useful here. Sometimes specific articles e.g. Effects of global warming may not appear to get a specific mention here, but are referred to by virtue of being within a wider category, e.g. wikipedia:category:Climate change. Some links to Wikipedia articles may appear under 'Action Ideas' within LS Ideas Bank pages.

'Seeding' SCA pages Edit

Before starting a new page here, it may often be useful to check whether the topic is already covered in Wikipedia. Wikipedia content can be used for "seeding" a page to be built upon in Sustainable Community Action wiki. The template EnWP should be used to show where information (if more than a link or very short phrase) has been copied from the English-language Wikipedia. See the template talk page for how to use this template. (Very easy.)

Finding sustainability information in Wikipedia Edit

Either browse relevant categories or search Wikipedia for a specific topic

Wikipedia categories Edit

Wikipedia content suggested for inclusion here Edit

Wikipedia content which may be useful here but doesn't seem to have been included as yet. Try a search of SCA wiki before listing the topic here. And of course if you integrate the links into SCA remove the item from this list.

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