Carbon Emissions by Continent Chart

Summit eyeing global sharing of environmental data, 9 December [1]

Limits of growth

Humanity has exhausted the budget of what nature can provide this year, Earth Overshoot Day, 27 September [2]


Climate change study of greenhouse-gas emissions for 100 cities in 33 nations, urges a broader look at cities and climate change, 25/01/2011 [3] The paper shows that emissions vary greatly depending on whether they are calculated according to what a city (or a citizen) produces or instead what they consume. topic


Global Greenhouse Gas Standard for cities launched, 23 March [4] The Greenhouse Gas Standard calculates emissions on a per capita basis, allowing cities to compare their performance and analyse the differences. For example, greenhouse gas emissions are 4.20 tonnes of CO2e per capita in Barcelona, Spain, 10.6 in Bangkok, Thailand, and 17.8 in Calgary, Canada. But emissions vary widely among cities depending on their primary energy source, climate, means of transportation and urban form. New York City, a high-density city in the US, produces 10.4 tonnes of CO2e per capita while Denver, another US-city with a much lower density, produces more than double that at 21.3 tonnes. topic


  • Greater resources needed to ensure comprehensive and accurate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions data in developing countries, say environmental regulators, 22 October [5] topic
  • Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar launches the Department of the Interior’s first-ever coordinated strategy to address current and future impacts of climate change on America’s land, H2O, ocean, fish, wildlife, and cultural resources, September 14 [6] Under the framework, A new Climate Change Response Council, will amongst other things, work to improve the sharing and communication of climate change impact science, including through topic
  • French redefine wealth to include happiness, September 15 [7] place


  • October 6 is Ecological Debt day – the day when humanity has consumed all the resources the planet will produce this year. [8]

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