• Public sector information 'worth billions'. Michael Cross: Revaluation of data 'should be cue for fresh thinking' including making the archive largely free, The Guardian, November 15 [1]


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2007 Edit

  • Number of Whitehall performance indicators to be reduced from 1200 to 198, October 11. [2] According to the government, the New Indicator set [3] will "come into force in April 2008 and apply through new Local Area Agreements". "The Government will not prescribe any of the targets in Local Area Agreements (LAAs), but will aim to agree them with local partners as part of the negotiation, and councils will be required to involve local communities in the process."
  • Community emissions indicator "vital", say Green Alliance, August 17 [4] topic
  • Sustainable development indicators in your pocket 2007 published, July 27 [5]

2006 Edit

2005 Edit

Sustainability indicators UK news - 2009-10 - 2005-2007 / Sustainability indicators UK


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