• now that’s what we call a result. The official launch yesterday of, with an index of 2,500 datasets provided by government departments, is fantastic news – and a significant milestone for the Free Our Data campaign. January 25th [1]


  • Sounds like a good idea: Sir Tim Berners-Lee goes to Downing Street to talk open data, September 15 [2] Mention of a next phase, but neither any detail nor timetable.
  • Government hits free data decision into the long grass, Free Our Data, April 23 [3]

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New consultation into National Well-being measures, 31 October [4] The consultation will close on 23 January 2012.



Happiness index to gauge Britain's national mood, 14 November [5]

  • launched, "so that government information is accessible and useful for the widest possible group of people", January 20 [6]


  • Oneplace website launched. The site is intended to "enable citizens to check for themselves how well councils and their partners are delivering the services that matter most to them." 9 December [7]
  • Local government to be encouraged to release local public data and establish an open-platform Local Data Exchange. 7 December [8]
  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee who led the creation of the World Wide Web, asked to help government drive the opening up of access to UK Government data in the web over the coming month, June 10 [9] topic
  • Government outline next steps in their Power of Information programme. Minister announces plans for an overhaul of Crown Copyright rules that will make it easier for citizens to re-use Government information. May 7 [10] “They say information is power, but only distributed information is truly empowering. That's why the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) [External website] has looked again at the restrictions of Crown Copyright, and now a licence will automatically be granted to anyone wanting to use the information rather than having to apply beforehand." Tom Watson MP topic
  • UK 13th in new National Accounts of Well-being for Europe, January 24 [11]

Sustainability indicators UK news - 2009-10 - 2005-2007 / Sustainability indicators UK


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