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Indicators simply measure or indicate what’s going on, and answer straightforward questions about chosen issues. Indicators can show

  • Where we are now, and provide a ‘benchmark’ against which to assess future progress
  • What’s improving, what’s getting worse, and what’s not changing
  • The strengths or good aspects of an area as well as challenges it faces

Sustainability Indicators or local Quality of Life Indicators are about questions that affect us all

  • What’s going on in your community?
  • Is crime on the increase?
  • Is the environment in trouble?
  • What shape is the local economy in?

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  • created by Feargal Hogan and reads: 'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ensure that ALL government websites make their information available free of charge to all users in ways that others can easily use.' Sign the petition, deadline to sign up by: 04 May 2008

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