Street Party Table

How about meeting your neighbours in a traffic free street for a day?

It is Streets Alive's mission to make street parties part of the regular culture of the UK.

You will meet on average 8 neighbours.

Where is the street party capital of the UK?

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August 2010

Street Party Table New approach agreed for communities organising street parties and summer fetes, 27 August [1] "At last the red tape is being cut on road closures and the bunting can go up on building community spirit through street parties. After years of campaigning on this the Government is listening to us. Though there is more to do, it is a great step for common sense and a chance to open up the country to the simple pleasure of meeting your neighbours in your traffic-free street. We hope that councils will respond with a sigh of relief and make it easier for residents to join in what is a great British tradition." Chris Gittins, Streets Alive.

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  • Street, promoting street parties, which are a chance for people to enjoy their street without traffic for a day, and encouraging neighbourliness across the UK.
  • Streets Alive


  1., 27 August 2010

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