December 2007

November 2007

  • Planning Bill published, November 27 [3]

October 2007

  • Designing for ten new eco-towns. The government today confirmed that within an international competition for developers, designers and local government. there will also be an opportunity for public involvement to judge eco-towns designs through a citizens' panel. According to Housing and Planning Minister Yvette Cooper, " is crucial that we involve local people ...". The Government's vision for eco-towns includes that each of the new towns, which will be based across the country, should have its own strong identity reflecting local character and appeal. October 30 [4]
  • Natural England puts forward its view on the case for a review of green belt policy, October 10 [5]

August 2007

  • Don't scrap green housing rule, urge campaigners, August 24 [6]
  • Housebuilders win battle against green technologies - Government preparing to drop rules promoting renewables - Planners will be unable to set environmental targets, August 20 [7]
  • Planning Disaster Coalition map highlights massive building plans for England and Wales, August 3 [8] The Coalition has made it easy for the public to make their voice heard in the Government consultation. All they need to do is send the Government an email via

July 2007

  • Housing Green Paper launched. Local councils and developers invited to bid to host at least five new "zero carbon eco-towns". Each eco-town to provide 5,000 - 20,000 new homes, by 2016. A Government-led design competition to boost the architectural standards of eco-towns. Government confirms its target that from 2016 all new homes should be zero carbon, with milestones that "by 2010 new homes should emit 25 per cent less carbon; and by 2013, 44 per cent less carbon." July 23 [9]
  • Government launches review of regional and local economic development and regeneration, July 17 [10]

Plans for major incinerator to replace St Paul’s Cathedral, [11]July 9

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