June 2007


The Information Tribunal has ruled that civil servants' advice to ministers on major planning decisions should be disclosed to anyone who asks for it once the decision is taken, The Guardian, June 11

May 2007

April 2007

  • Friends of the Earth's report finds "supermarket manipulation of the planning system appears to be widespread." FoE, April 29

March 2007

  • "Growing communities must have the right environmental infrastructure to support them", Environment Agency, March 19
  • 10,000 acres of greenbelt under threat. The Guardian, March 12
  • A land fit for the future: Miliband urges radical land use rethink. Defra, March 9 / Miliband has spoken - now have your say. CPRE
  • The Government announces it would consider plans for 'eco-towns' put forward by local authorities as part of the New Growth Points scheme. Communities and Local Government, March 7
  • Tranquillity raised in Parliament as CPRE unveils new local maps. CPRE, March 5

February 2007

  • Green Belts shrink despite Prescott pledge. CPRE, February 5

January 2007

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