• New climate change duty and parliamentary scrutiny will strengthen Planning Bill, say Government, November 4 [1]
  • An area of countryside equivalent to the City of Birmingham will be lost if the Government continues to impose top-down policies on regional decision-makers, November 3 [2] This is the finding of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) following its investigation into existing and emerging Regional Spatial Strategies, which set out regional policies, including levels of housing development.
  • Unprecedented alliance forms against Planning Bill licence to pollute, October 14 [3] An unprecedented alliance of professionals, environmental organisations and council leaders is calling for the removal of Clause 151 of the Government’s controversial Planning Bill, currently being debated in the House of Lords. Despite some concessions by the Government, the alliance fears that the clause could still severely restrict people’s right to complain about noise, pollution or disruption caused by the operation of major infrastructure projects.
  • Second round Growth Points selected, July 16 [7]
  • Green Belt loss a daily reality despite government pledges, May 7 [8]
  • The latest project from Foresight, the Government's futures think tank, will examine land use in the UK, April 7 [9]
  • Review to look at councils making better use of technology like the internet to notify people about planning applications, March 25 [10]
  • Survey suggests the public oppose the Government’s policy of building 3 million new homes by 2020 (53%), and think the biggest winners of Government house building plans are property developers and landowners (50%), March 7 [11]

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