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Biodiversity London

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Community resources

The Spike Surplus Scheme was established in 1998 on a fly-tipped, vandalised site on Consort Road. It provided rehearsal/recording facilities, health/martial arts space and a community garden. Always running on a free-where-possible or donations level, the facilities were used by a wide variety of local talent. Other users were community garden permaculture groups, martial arts and various alternative therapy groups. In December 2008, the council obtained a possession order for the property and the site was evicted in early 2009. [1] Spike Surplus Scheme - Evicted, 5-months-on, July 7, 2009

Community and voluntary action London

Food London

Growing and gardening in London


Homes Going Greener in SE15 (a Friends of the Earth initiative)

Low carbon communities London

Open spaces in London

Rail services

Regeneration London

The European Union has invested heavily in the regeneration of Peckham; partly funding the futuristic, award winning Peckham Library, a new town square and swathes of new housing to replace the North Peckham Estate. Throughout the area state funding is being provided to improve the housing stock and renovate the streets. This includes funding for public arts projects like the Tom Phillips mosaics on the wall of the Peckham Experiment restaurant and the South London Gallery. [2]

Elephant and Castle - At an international climate change summit in South Korea in May 2009, the Elephant and Castle regeneration scheme was named among 16 worldwide projects which will release less carbon dioxide than they use. At the summit former US President Bill Clinton praised the scheme as a global example for sustainable growth. [3] Elephant and Castle#Regeneration Project W

Sustainable energy UK

Transition towns London

Trees, woodland and forest UK

Walking in London

Southwark - Img13714 Portal - Links - Resources - A-Z


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