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"In the design of services to solve today’s problems and the anticipated issues for tomorrow public agencies need therefore to engage people from all communities. And to act as public guarantor of fairness and justice (a key purpose of state action) they specifically need to take full account of those people with least power and resources at their own disposal." Barry Quirk / Inspiring Quotes 19

  • It's not fair!, July 2 [1]
  • New Start editorial December 15 It takes a particular kind of bloody-mindedness to climb mountains. Not everybody finds the adrenaline surge of vertiginous heights, the likelihood of losing one or more extremities through frostbite, or the prospect of being responsible for your own death or that of your friends, more appealing than watching the latest Bond flick.
  • New Start editorial October 13 2008 You might be forgiven for dismissing it as a sick joke. The economy is teetering on the edge, businesses are going bust by the bucketload, and the predictions are for another 350,000 unemployed – but Gordon Brown has declared he’ll legislate against child poverty.
  • New Start editorial June 25 2008 There are many words and phrases in the language of regeneration-speak that should be banned. ‘No one-size-fits-all solution’, ‘delivering’, housing ‘units’ and ‘people-centred’ (presumably to avoid confusion with all those services and strategies targeted at bunny rabbits) to name but a few.
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation concerned that current benefit adjustment rules could result in child poverty rising to unprecedented levels within 20 years, April 9 [2]

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  • In-depth assessment delivers verdict on Government’s promise of a more equal society, February 25 2009 [3] Commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the study, by a team led by LSE’s Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, shows sharp contrasts between different policy areas. Notable success stories include reductions in child and pensioner poverty, improved education outcomes for the poorest children and schools, and narrowing economic and other divides between deprived and other areas. But health inequalities continued to widen, gaps in incomes between the very top and very bottom grew, and poverty increased for working-age people without children. In several policy areas there was a marked contrast between the first half of the New Labour period and the second half, when progress has slowed or even stalled. topic


  • Child poverty costing the UK billions, October 23 [4] "... large amounts are being spent on paying for the fallout from child poverty. This could be more productively employed in preventing it from occurring in the first place." JRF poverty adviser Donald Hirsch
  • Coalition launches fuel poverty charter, September 8 [5] topic
  • Friends of the Earth join forces with Help the Aged to take the Government to court, to ensure it is held to its legal obligation to eradicate fuel poverty for vulnerable households by 2010 and for all households by 2016, April 11 [6]


  • Government’s strategy against poverty and social exclusion losing momentum, say authors of Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2007, December 3 [7]

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