Slough is a borough and unitary authority area within the ceremonial county of Berkshire, South East England, situated 22 miles (35 km) west of London. At the time of the 2001 census, the population of Slough was 119,070 (est. 122,000 in 2006) and the borough area was the most ethnically diverse local authority area outside London in the United Kingdom.

Slough is home to the Slough Trading Estate, the United Kingdom's first such estate, which, coupled with extensive transport links, makes it an important business centre in South East England. It is also home to a campus of Thames Valley University.

Slough is at grid reference SU978797 and is situated to the west of Greater London. Proximate towns include Windsor to the south, Maidenhead to the west, Uxbridge to the northeast and Bracknell to the southwest. A historic stopping point for coaches travelling between London and Bath, Slough today has a population of nearly 120,000 and is one of UK's most culturally diverse communities.

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Campaigns against incineration

Climate change UK

Slough is a particpant of the United Nations Environment Programme's Climate Neutral Network

The Slough Borough Council's strategy includes having all public transport and council vehicles running on cleaner fuel and cutting its CO2 emissions by one-fifth in the next 20 years. [1]

Sustainability indicators UK

The BBC aired a four-part series called "Making Slough Happy", where a team of experts attempted to bring happiness to the whole town. Despite complaints by some residents who said "the series was not particularly representative of the diversity of Slough", this can be contradicted because the sample "50" did provide a cross section of Slough with different ethnic minorities and age groups represented. However, most of the criticism was seen to come from people within Slough, while the majority of people outside Slough thought it was quite good; overall it did make a big impact and raised people's awareness of Slough as a whole. [2]

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