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Sedum House is head office, training and conference centre for BTCV, a UK practical conservation charity. The £1.8 million sustainable building is located next to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Potteric Carr Nature Reserve at Mallard Way, off White Rose Way, Doncaster

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Sustainability aspects of the building Edit

  • Natural clay from Potteric Carr Nature Reserve was used in the remedial work to transform the old railway sidings and muddy car park into a safe site for the building.
  • Reclaimed bricks create a patchwork design in the outside walls.
  • Internal features include: high efficiency lighting and heating, plasterboard with a high recycled content, and carpet tiles with 85% recyclable component enabling safer disposal at the end of their life.
  • Windows were designed to maximise natural light and allow low winter sun to shine through and warm up the building, while the overhanging eaves will provide shade in summer.
  • Exposed ceilings have a high thermal mass that regulates internal temperatures.
  • The sedum roof helps to keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer, improves biodiversity and absorbs most of the rainfall.
  • easy access to Doncaster’s cycle routes
  • cycle storage on site
  • shower facilities for staff and volunteers
  • bus stop close to the building to enable easy access to and from Doncaster town centre and the new transport interchange
  • incentives to encourage car sharing, using public transport and bicycles
  • a recycling collection room for office materials, cans and glass.

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  • BTCV news release, 2 October 2006

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