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Sasakawa prize 2011 Edit

The Asociación Forestal Integral San Andrés, Petén (AFISAP) in Guatemala and the Manahari Development Institute in Nepal (MDI-Nepal) are the co-winners of this year's award around the theme "Forests for People, Forests for Green Growth" in support of the 2010-11 International Year of the Forests. [1]

Global news June 2008 Edit

  • Projects from Peru and Lao PDR share UNEP Sasakawa prize 2008, June 4 [2]

Sasakawa prize Edit

The UNEP Sasakawa prize, worth $200,000, is awarded yearly to individuals or institutions who have made a substantial contribution to the protection and management of the environment. The winners, who will each receive $100,000, were chosen by a five-member jury from a shortlist of six projects at a meeting in Tokyo.

The Prize acts as an incentive for grassroots environmental efforts that are sustainable and replicable. It recognizes extraordinary initiatives from around the world that make use of innovation and groundbreaking research and ideas and empower people at the local level.

The 2008 theme for the award was 'Moving towards a low carbon economy', the theme of World Environment Day 2008.

The UNEP Sasakawa Prize is sponsored by the Japan-based Nippon Foundation, an independent, non-profit grant-making organization that supports both Japanese and international philantropic projects. The UNEP Sasakawa Prize was originally created in 1982 by the late Ryoichi Sasakawa. The Prize was re-launched in its current format in 2005, and is currently chaired by Mr. Sasakawa's son, Yohei Sasakawa.

The five members of the 2008 UNEP Sasakawa Prize jury are UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner, Nippon Foundation Chairman Yohei Sasakawa, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai, 1995 Nobel Chemistry Prize Laureate Professor Mario Molina, and Ms Wakako Hironaka, Member of Japan's House of Councillors.

2008 winners Edit

2008 shortlist Edit

As well as the two winning projects, the 2008 shortlist also included four other projects bringing renewable energy to remote communities in Africa and Asia.

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