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"The MediaWiki software can be used to support an open collaboration and cooperation of people; in fact, WikiWiki is very good in this area." Wiki uses, from Meta (wiki)

SCA wiki - early beginnings Edit

A stakeholder gathering organised by Sustainable NI took place in Birmingham, UK on 16 November 2004. Sustainable NI presented their proposal for a new UK network and resource for people working within communities.

Other organisations giving presentations included London 21 Sustainability Network, Time Bank UK, Forward Scotland, a former sustainability Networking Magazine, Community Environment Associates, the Association for Progressive Communications and the Wiki Foundation.

Open discussion focussed on a variety of options for the form and structure of the proposed network. A temporary discussion board was set up by one of the participants to enable continuing discussion after the event, which included Sustainable NI's report from the day.

Although no actual network was formed, the gathering, learning about Wikia (formerly Wikicities), the discussion board and the availability of some 'starter material' from a previous independent project, involving an online magazine and directory, led to the beginning of this wiki.

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