Budget 2011: Green shoots buried under concrete, CPRE, 23 March [1] The Campaign to Protect Rural England labels the Budget, ‘a massive threat to the environment’. The triple whammy of scrapping national brownfield targets, introducing a default yes to development, and pursuing half-baked proposals for land auctions could be devastating to treasured countryside.


Stannington hdr, sheffield - england

"A rural kind of urbanism", March 22 [2] topic, place


  • Government must reverse alarming rate of pub closures says ippr, March 3 [3] "Government must recognise the invaluable contribution that pubs can make to their local communities. Local pubs enrich civic life by providing a meeting place for people from all walks of life and different backgrounds to get together. They also provide a meeting space for local groups and associations and help to deliver a range of public services, espeically in rural areas. Pubs matter in economic terms too. It is estimated that pubs inject an average of £80,000 into their local economies. Well-run pubs also provide a controlled environment for socially responsible drinking. For these reasons it is vital that government intervenes to help reverse the alarming rate of pub closures in Britain before it is too late." ippr is currently conducting a research project on the future of Britain's community pubs in association with Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) which will be published March 2009. topic


  • CPRE welcomes Matthew Taylor’s report on rural communities, July 23 [4] ‘It is so refreshing to read a report which puts long term planning, local distinctiveness, and community consent at the heart of its recommendations,’ Tom Oliver, Head of Rural Policy at CPRE.
  • CPRE welcomes call for rural summit, June 6 [5]
  • EU agricultural reforms are 'kick in the teeth' for wildlife, The Woodland Trust, May 20 [6] topic
  • Affordable rural housing given a welcome boost, CPRE, February 29 [7] CPRE welcome the announcement by Government of a target for 10,300 new affordable homes to be provided in rural communities of less than 3,000 people over the next three years.
  • Iconic landscape below the famous Westbury white horse threatened, February 21 [8] place

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The Farm Gate

New survey finds public want farmers to be custodians of the landscape for future generations, 09 January [9]


  • Environment Alliance launches a campaign for a smart grid - not thousands more pylons, March 25 [11]


  • Increasing inequality in rural areas: State of the Countryside 2008 report, July 16 [12]
  • Rural Advocate reports on realities of rural England. Nearly a million rural households living below the official government poverty threshold, March 3 [13]
  • The state of our countryside in 2026, CPRE publishes online forum on England’s countryside, February 26 [14]

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